High End
Flying Pig Hog3PC

MA Lighting
MA onPC Command Wing

Pearl Tiger

PHILIPS Showline
16-Fader Light Control

PHILIPS Showline
6-Fader Light Control

Beam 200 "Sharpy"
Moving Head

Moving Head

LED "5 in 2"
Wash Light

ETC Source 4
Zoom 15-30

ETC Source 4
"Atomic" 3000W
Strobe Light



Wireless Solution

Power Generator

Lower level Light Stand
(Shin Stand)

Lower level Light Stand
(Shin Stand)


High End - Flying Pig Hog3PC

  • Program Wing
  • Playback Wing
  • Super Widget (with 4 DMX output)

For more details of "Hog 3 PC", please go to www.flyingpig.com

MA Lighting - MA onPC Command Wing

  • MA onPC Command Wing
  • Real-time control for 2,048 parameters in combination with grandMA2 onPC (up to 65,536 parameters as backup in the MA system)
  • Command section similar to grandMA2 layout
  • 2 A/B faders (100mm); main executor
  • Level-Wheel - dimmer
  • Individually backlit and dimmable silent (clickless) keys
  • Light, handy and rock solid, only 6kg
  • Plug & Play: simply connect to your notebook
  • Integrated universal power supply
  • Ergonomic design

For more details of "MA onPC Command Wing", please go to http://wing.malighting.com/maonpcwing.html

More Photos
AVOLITES - Pearl Tiger

  • Avolites Pearl Tiger
  • Offers all the Pearl features including Theatre Playback, timecode, MIDI triggers, etc.
  • 2,048 channels to 240 moving lights on 4 isolate DMX outputs
  • 10 playback submasters
  • Full personality library in the console, with free updates on website
  • Can save multiple shows instantly to internal USB flash disk or external USB memory stick
  • Can load or save any Pearl show
  • Tiger weight only 13kg
  • No additional training required for Pearl users
  • Looks extremely cute!

For more details of "Avolites - Pearl Tiger", please go to http://www.avolites.org.uk/products/pearltiger.htm


PHILIPS Showline - 6 Fader Lighting Control

  • 6-Fader operate individually and 1 Master Fader
  • DMX Control
  • Accept AC input and DC 9V input

PHILIPS Showline - 16 Fader Lighting Control

  • 16-Fader operate individually and 1 Master Fader
  • DMX Control
  • Easilt to control Moving Light with 16 channels

Beam 200 "Sharpy" Moving Head

  • 200W Platinum 5R discharge lamp
  • Perfectly parallel, laser-like beam, sharply defined and free of any halo
  • Unprecedented brightness – comparable to wattages many times higher (59,760 lx at 20m)
  • Adjustable beam angle from 0 to 3.8°
  • Interchangeable color wheel with 14 fixed colors
  • Interchangeable gobo wheel with 17 fixed gobos
  • 5-facet rotating prism
  • Mechanical dimmer
  • Frost Filter
  • Rapid and extensive pan and tilt movements
  • New, high-performance electronics
  • Small, lightweight and easily transported (only 48 cm x 35,3 lbs)
  • Eco-friendly: replaces far larger and more expensive spotlights
  • Electronic ballast fitted as standard

Viki 3W "RGBW" LED Moving Head

  • 3W x 108 "RGBW" LED
    (Red x 28, Green x 28, Blue x 28, White x 24)
  • 35 deg fixed angle
  • Rapid and extensive pan (540deg) and tilt (270deg) movements
  • Self drive mode, sound trigger mode and DMX mode available
  • Small, lightweight and easily transported (only 10kg)
  • Build-in flash and effect mode

LED "5 in 2" Wash Light

  • Include 5 colours (Red / Green / Blue / White / Amber)
  • DMX Control or stand-alone
  • Built-in effect
  • Extremely smooth fading
  • Light weight (~4.5KG)

Video Demo

ETC Source Four Zoom 15º-30º

  • Rated up to 575W and 750W
  • 15º-30º and 25º-50º Zoom ranges
  • Super-efficient HPL lamp
  • Faceted dichroic reflector removes 90% of IR heat from beam
  • One-handed zoom operation
  • Positive zoom lock
  • Field angle and focus scale markings
  • Rotating barrel ± 25º
  • Three-plane stainless-steel shutter blade assembly
  • Insulated rear handle

For more details of "ETC Source Four Zoom", please go to www.etcconnect.com/product.overview.aspx?Id=20081


ETC Source Four PARNel

  • Enhanced Aluminum Reflector
  • Rated up to 575W and 750W
  • Super-efficient HPL lamp
  • 25º- 45º variable field focus
  • Easy spot-to-flood adjustment knob
  • Die-cast faceted reflector
  • Die-cast aluminum construction

For more details of "ETC Source Four PARNel", please go to www.etcconnect.com/product.overview.aspx?Id=20086


"Atomic" 3000W Strobe Light

  • ATOMIC 3000 DMX Strobe Light
  • 3000W Flash Lamp
  • DMX Control or stand-alone
  • Adjustable of brightness, speed and flash rate
  • 0 - 30 flashes / seconds

PAR Can (PAR 64)

  • Parabolic Aluminium Reflector
  • Light case with Black or Aluminium
  • Different width of lens (CP61 / CP62)

AC (Aircraft)

  • 28V 250W per lamp
  • Incluing "series" cable for pair up in series circuit
  • Punch and narrow light beam
  • Light case with Black or Aluminium

Wireless Solution W-DMX

  • Wireless DMX Transmitter (TX S-1)
    and Receiver (R512)
  • Single Universe Outdoor DMX/RDM Transmitter/Receiver
  • W-DMX G4 Protocol – backward compatible with G3
  • Tough Die-cast Metal Casing
  • Invisi-wire High-Fidelity Technology - Output matches Input
  • Datasafe Technology - Wireless Fidelity and Error correction
  • Less Than 5ms Latency
  • Complete DMX512 support
  • Full RDM support
  • One-button-to-go technology for ease of use
  • Adaptive Frequency Hopping Radio
  • 2.4GHz radio – license free worldwide
  • 5.8GHz dualband – provides access to ‘virgin’ spectrum
  • Expandable with Ethernet lighting protocol support
  • 12V Support
  • Interchangeable antennas – easily expand your range
  • Standard with 2dBi indoor antenna

For more details of "W-DMX", please go to www.wirelessdmx.com


AC / DC Power Generator

  • Supply AC and DC selectively
  • AC Output Voltage: 220~240V / Frequency: 50Hz
  • DC Output Voltage: 12V / Current: 8.3A
  • Rated Output: 2.2kVA
  • Max. Output: 2.6kVA
  • Phase: 1
  • Use Fuel Gasoline (Petrol)

Low Light Stand (Shin Stand)

  • Light weight
  • Support every convention lighting equipment on floor level

Drum Set

  • Full Set of Drum Set